We love what we do. There are a myriad of ways to employ your brand if it starts with a single, powerful idea. Our aim is to make your communication relevant and your brand distinct changing attitudes within your business and perceptions in the world around you.

A brand is a promise to your stakeholders, and the way your organisation operates must meet the expectations of your stakeholders, otherwise you are in very risky territory. The logo is simply a reflection of your brand promise. Your brand should be recognised through your stakeholder's experience rather than their eyes only.


Morten Brudholm
Strategic Director

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Know why you do
what you do

Creating a brand takes discipline and tough love. The right brand strategy changes attitudes within your business and perceptions in the world around you. We always start with your company goals and find our way to the brand's central elements. We identify the brand's why, values, points of differences, strengths and weaknesses and study how it is perceived internally, by customers and by other stakeholders. We then explore potential directions that result in a strategy that makes your brand relevant and your communication unique.

• Value proposition development
• Finding your 'why' and higher belief
• Positioning and brand platform
• Idea development
• Tonality and personalities
• Architecture
• Naming
• Messaging strategy and tone of voice


Never underestimate the attraction of a good idea

It takes a clear visual strategy to break through in a noisy market. Visual identity is a valuable tool, but only when it reflects your brand's personality. It needs to express a coherent and compelling idea. Get it right and you'll send a clear signal about your company's positioning. That's why we always start with your business and your why. With the right strategy in place, we craft a visual identity that's appropriate, relevant and generates the business results you want.


• Identity position and platform
• Concept universes
• Corporate identity
• Brand identity
• Packaging and POS
• Environmental (exhibitions, signage etc.)
• Launch programmes
• Brand centers

Various collateral such as animations, info graphics, reports and other stuff bringing your brand to life.


Digital media doesn't offer second chances

Every day, millions of interactions take place between people and companies' digital media. But not everyone finds what they were looking for or achieves the results they hoped. And when people are disappointed by the quality of an interaction, they rarely return. So it's crucial to really understand people's needs and behaviour. We specialize in combining creative and strategic thinking to make your digital media more intuitive, aesthetic and focused. And by generating the right user experience, we bring your brand to life.

• Strategy
• Content strategy
• Content production
• User experience (user journeys etc)
• Information architecture and prototyping
• Test
• Web governance