Creative Circle
Great ideas attract

Creative Circle is a group of the most talented creatives in Denmark. The challenge was to conceive an identity that was inclusive for the different creative industries, while also exceeding the expectations of a highly visual literate and sophisticated audience. We created an identity with magnetism as the concept that inspires through endless possibilities, just like the ideas that Creative Circle recognizes at their annual award show.


Concept development


Visual identity
Corporate com.

CCA Folder 01


Creative Circle is all about cohesion and force of attraction.It desires to unite, hold on to and attract creative efforts.This insight led to the concept of magnetism and the inspiration for experiments with a round magnet and metal shavings.

CCA Folder 02

The Creative Circle Award book

In 2008 and 2009 we created yearbooks showcasing the shortlisted work and the winning entries.


CCA Low left

CCA low right