Taking the lead
An animated story about energy innovations

To ignite DONG Energy’s innovation story we have created an animated story bringing the facts and ambitions to life. Together with DONG Energy we developed the storyboard, texts, illustrations and animation. Thanks to Rasmus Buhl (illustration) and Steffen Knoesgaard (animation).


Communication concept
Storyboard and script
Animation and sounds


Corporate com.
Digital services


Changing the energyscape of the future

An extract from the copy we wrote for the animation. "We are taking the lead in transforming the energy landscape - combining smart environmental thinking with a reliable energy supply at the same time as we work hard to create growth and jobs."



Meeting the energy demand

"Oil and natural gas have for decades been essential for transportation, heat and power production, and as raw materials in many of the products we use in everyday life. And the fuels will remain essential to our modern society many years ahead - also during the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape."


Going further

"Now we are going further  - developing technologies that more efficiently convert biomass into valuable fuels and sustainable chemicals to be used for transportation and industry."


World leader in offshore wind

"DONG Energy is already a world leader in offshore wind energy. By 2020, we will have installed a renewable energy capacity that meets the energy requirements equivalent to 2.9 million households' annual consumption"