A strikingly powerful message

GLPS specializes in lightning protection for the wind, aerospace and construction industries. Convincing clients of the importance and value of investing in lightning protection is not easy and communication can easily become negative and preachy. GLPS was in desperate need of a new and empowering core story on which to build their communication as they take the company forward. 

Following a comprehensive strategic process, we created their brand strategy on the higher belief that hope is not a strategy. This lead to the brand idea “Strikingly powerful” and a promise of empowering you (the customer) to take charge, thereby handing control back to the customers. We redesigned the company’s logo to display the game changing transformation from the chaos of lightning strikes to a controlled situation where risks are prevented. Along with the logo, the visual expression was updated to support a strong and powerfully aligned communication. We are excited to continue activating the brand across touch points, from exhibition materials to the digital presence.


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GLPS hope is not


Core belief

As part of the brand strategy process, we helped GLPS find their core brand belief - a strong conviction that generates passion within the company, drives everything they do, and helps them connect with their customers in a meaningful way. "Hope is not a strategy" overthrows the industry misconception that lightning strikes are force majeure.

GLPS story


Core story & promise

The core belief was the outset for the core story and promise. The core story explains that lightning strikes are predictable and that GLPS have the means to control them thereby preventing potential damage. The promise lets customers know that, where they have relied on hope to ensure the strength of their investments, GLPS provides them with a strategy.

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