Make Consulting
Delivering energy insights

MAKE Consulting provides both research analysis and consulting services in the renewable energy sector. This places the company in a unique position, but a brand platform was needed that communicated this dual offering enabling each ‘arm’ to operate successfully while achieving a strong synergy.


Value proposition
Concept development
Positioning strategy
Information architecture
User experience


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Corporate com.
Marketing communication
Digital media

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Leaving behind the generic look, a concept of "Delivering Renewable Energy Insights" was introduced and captured in a strategic brand foundation, verbal explanations, and a visual identity that comprises:

A new dynamic arrow symbol that connects  the dots and an updated wordmark, expressing the company's forward thinking and agile analytical insights

A vibrant greener-than-green colour palette that MAKE Consulting were eager to take ownership of in a predominantly blue competitor landscape

Brand typefaces providing both clarity in their essential data presentation and personality in the visual expression of their corporate voice

Photographic imagery deepening the expression through colour-grading and evocative subject matter.