A progressive campaign for a groundbreaking launch

In its 110-year history, Nilfisk has blazed the trail at every turn as one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment and solutions. Building on this legacy, Nilfisk came to Make® in need of a high-impact launch campaign for its most recent strategic initiative, The Horizon Program. Visit to explore the campaign landing page further.


Concept development
Information architecture
User experience


Marketing communication
Digital media

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The Horizon Program focuses on bringing multiple state-of-the-art cleaning technologies and products to market, starting with the intelligent, self-operating floor scrubbing machine, Nilfisk Liberty, to be released in 2017. The pioneering nature of the programme called for a launch campaign focused on building interest and suspense pre-launch and continued awareness and engagement after.

To reflect the magnitude of the launch, we developed a comprehensive campaign covering everything from establishing the proper messaging to creating the assets that enabled Nilfisk to keep momentum throughout.

Online, the campaign combined the use of social media, direct marketing, and a dedicated landing page activated in three steps: a pre-launch countdown page; an at-launch video stream from the announcement event; and an immersive online universe introducing audiences to the programme and the key product features post-launch.

Offline, focus was put on completing the announcement event experience with assets including a fully animated Keynote presentation, video stream graphics, wall decorations, roll-ups and a photo backdrop for on-brand press coverage.

Building on Nilfisk's corporate identity, the simplistic, contemporary and playful visual universe developed for the campaign seamlessly delivers on both Nilfisk's leading-edge ambitions as well as the sophisticated product technology.

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