Digital rebranding

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, Nilfisk found itself in need of digital rebranding following a business strategic decision to unify four of its professional brands under a one-brand framework.

The aim was to strengthen Nilfisk’s high-end market position as well as increase the salience, knowledge and understanding of the brand’s vast product portfolio, and part of that process was to consolidate the needs of more than 160 existing websites into an effective one-site solution.

To do so, a shared information architecture, taxonomy and navigational framework coupled with a digital translation of Nilfisk’s visual identity was developed. Not only does the result present the brand cohesively across more than 40 different language versions, but it also reduces complexity in the communication of Nilfisk’s product structure to external audiences making it easy for users to explore the brand’s offerings within one common universe.


Web strategy
Information architecture
User experience


Corporate communication
Marketing communication
Digital media

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