Places Matter

Realdania and Dansk Bygningsarv have launched a 5-year campaign to attract attention to the potentials of peripheral Denmark. In part, the campaign directs focus towards the existing physical potentials of specific places, as well as contributes to a new and more positive story acknowledging and supporting local initiatives.

Applied skills

Communication concept
Concept development
Information architecture
User experience


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Marketing Communication
Digital media

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The map of Denmark is changing with economic growth concentrated in the larger cities and many remote areas struggling with depopulation, economic decline and a lack of jobs. However, peripheral areas offer opportunities that call for attention and immediate action from local authorities, planners, architects and the general public.

Having to portray this delicate and complex situation at eye level proved the biggest challenge to the identity development and required a visually appealing brand to ignite the audience.


We have designed a campaign identity and name that can easily and accurately be activated at different communicative levels: As an exclamation mark or pointer, as a call for action or as the ultimate recognition in the shape of a medal. The name "Stedet Tæller" (Places Matter) underlines that a particular place may hold potentials - great or small - exactly because of its location.

The campaign identity adds to the attention-demanding efforts of Realdania and Dansk Bygningsarv by inciting the changes needed in the attitudes and behaviours of the target groups. The campaign was launched for its B2B audience ultimo 2011.


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