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Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is the world’s largest manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco and holds a strong position in the fine-cut tobacco category. The Group employs 8.400 people, has 18 offices around the world, and sells its products throughout more than 100 countries.


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Whereas the group's legacy brands were strong and reputable, the corporate brand was weak. The volatility of a controversial market, the fight for market shares and changes brought about by acquisitions, had resulted in a cautious and dispirited brand with varying setups and employees loyal to local brands rather than the Group. Starting online, the objective was to create a strong brand foundation on which a clear and collective Group promise could be communicated to all stakeholders.

Emphasizing the Group's strengths and validating its promises to stakeholders, strategy considerations included: 

Elevating the brand position by demonstrating STG as a leading, global company that brands as many but stands as one.

Positioning STG away from the controversial cigarette category, by emphasizing the unrefined and premium nature of its products.

Strengthening brand perceptions and winning market shares, by communicating the Group's passionate and inspiring attitude.

The solution is an online univers bringing STG back to its roots. It has provided the Group with a voice and a personality supporting its vision and affirming its mission. The stand, 'Ignited by nature', represents a point of view that defines character and attitude in terms of business conduct and product creation, and supplies an authentic and proud voice as well as clear direction to the visual univers. The use of brown tones reflects the products and is a perfect backdrop to the stricking images.

The Group has embraced the new brand foundation and online universe to the point where this is now being implemented across all stakeholder touchpoints, cementing STG as a Group 'ignited by nature'.

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