Creative consultancy
Creative consultancy
We help businesses
make transformations
and real
Creative consultancy
We help
businesses make
and real
Make® is a creative consultancy specialized in brand strategies, design and digital experiences.
With offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, we represent a blend of nationalities and are all driven by one common driver: To deliver meaningful transformations making your business understandable and real.
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Our hybrid team approach integrates the best of business and design thinking turning complexity into clarity. Our focus is operationalizing insight-driven thinking providing your company with a purpose creating a filter to make the right choices.
Create moments. Captivate your audience. Inspire them. Change the works and your business. Change starts when you choose to transform.
We discover potential
Operating in a fast changing market and with a new business strategy in place, we helped FLSmidth sharpening a new position. Based on market research, customer insights, interviews and workshops, we united the global brand under one purpose, story and design.
MT Højgaard
We create horizons
Initiated by a new business strategy, MTHøjgaard embarked on a journey to challenge industry conventions. Through market research and insights, we helped the company define a differentiating position. Based on the concept horizons, we created a new language and visual universe to communicate their mindset and processes.
“Key for us in the process was to get beyond the superficial exercises – it has to make sense and guide change for all employees. Such a collaboration takes a good share of trust, insights and readiness to share.”
Henrik Hommelgaard, Brand and Design Director
Strikingly powerful
Hope is a powerful resource but will not prevent the potential damage of lightning strikes. That was the message we uncovered together with lightning protection experts GLPS. We created an empowering promise, a persuasive story and a new visual identity supporting their new journey.
Revitalising an old lady
Since its establishment in 1825, Danish glassware producer Holmegaard has been setting design standards. However, to aid the ageing brand perception, a new visual position had to be created. We helped Holmegaard redefine its brand platform, and re-designed the identity and packaging, celebrating the legacy without letting the past define the brand.
From 200+ to one site
With an organisational restructuring, German process engineering company GEA needed to consolidate their digital presence. We helped the company with a digital strategy gathering 200+ sites into one digital framework. We focused the business offerings and created clear call to actions, increased leads and brand awareness and developed “Technology Talks” – an elaborated thought leadership section.
DPA Microphones
Get closer to real sound
Bringing storytelling and an eCommerce-ready platform to microphone producer DPA. Based on sharpening their brand promise ‘Get closer’ we created a strong design reflecting their superior quality of their products.
Digitalisation of Nilfisk
A campaign site helping Nilfisk to introduce their digital programme Horizon as well as an event experience to support it.
LM Wind Power
The power to deliver
Brand-revitalisation for the world’s leading component supplier to the wind turbine industry, LM Wind Power, introducing a new identity taking outset in their blade technology.
Rebellious love
Together with Becksöndergaard, we defined their brand stance and designed an identity system built on the founding philosophy of going against the stream. We unified the guiding principles of entrepreneurship, imagination, curiosity, love and playful wit in ‘Rebellious Love‘ and created a new visual identity to match.

Brands are built by people who love to challenge their comfort zone and raise their voice in multi-disciplinary teams where insights power everything. Transformations and challenges come in many shapes. If you recognize any of these, let’s talk!

What is your challenge?
  • Purpose is lost
  • Refresh your brand
  • Uncover what drives audiences behaviour or choices
  • Create a new brand or sub brand
  • Enter new markets
  • Attract new talents
  • Find the perfect name
  • Merge brands and cultures
  • Communicate a new story
  • Build af powerful digital presence
  • Do people get lost visiting your website
  • Prepare for an IPO
37 Awards
Awards & nominations
Since we know that not everything that counts can be counted, we treasure the awards and nominations we have received together with our clients. And we are extremely proud to be part of REBRAND Hall of Fame 2015.
From leaders to upstarts
We work for a broad range of partners. From large scale companies to the upstart around the corner, the list represents a selection of our brilliant partners, past and present.
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