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Anaezi Modu from REBRAND™ and Marc Cloosterman from VIM Group
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Why this conversation?

“As long as organisations need to improve their performance and better face the future, rebranding will never go out of style.” Forbes.

We help many of our clients through rebranding processes. For some an update does the trick, for others a completer transformation is in order. But for everyone it’s an empowering journey of self discovery that helps them navigate the reality they operate in. External pressures can make their reality challenging.

Just now the pandemic, an economic crisis and powerful social moments have many companies addressing the relevance of their brands and using purpose as a driver for transformations.

What’s in store for rebrands in 2022? And what does it take to create global impact through rebranding and implementation? In search of inspiration, we have invited two global industry experts to share their insights and experiences with us all.

Key take aways

01Insights on trends and shifts in the world of rebranding from two global experts.

02Rebranding areas to consider from strategy to implementation, including mistakes to avoid.

03Inspiration from case examples.

5 burning questions about rebranding


During the past two years, we have all faced immense and sudden changes, which we have handled with the skills of an acrobat! It seems change breeds change, as people re-examine, re-adjust and even re-start aspect of their life. Hungry for meaning and human touch, values are scrutinised and expectations shifted. So, what does this mean for companies looking to breathe new life into their business in 2022?

We caught up with Anaezi Modu, Founder and CEO of REBRAND™ and producer of REBRAND 100® Global Awards, to ask her five burning questions about rebranding today.

Meet the experts

Anaezi Modu's Profile Picture

Anaezi Modu

Founder and CEO

Anaezi fuses brand strategy, architecture and design for distinct business solutions. She is producer of the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, the highest recognition for effective brand transformations. Anaezi also speaks, writes and consults on brand change resulting from evolving marketplace challenges, M&As, and spin offs. She is co-author of the best-selling book Data Points Gold: Create, Curate, and Monetize Your Information Assets. Anaezi will talk with us about integrating design and business to achieve organisational goals.

Marc Cloosterman's Profile Picture

Marc Cloosterman

VIM Group

Marc is a board-room consultant on strategic brand management and transformation. He has decades of experience advising leading global brands, serves on the jury panels of brand awards, is a member of several boards, and has written many articles and a book. Marc founded VIM Group to develop the discipline of brand implementation. He will talk with us about how to deliver, maintain and evolve brand assets successfully.

Kristoffer Gudbrand's Profile Picture

Kristoffer Gudbrand

Creative Director and Partner

Kristoffer has extensive experience as a designer and is one of the two founders of Make®. He is creative and systematic with a strong focus on bridging the gab between strategy and design to shape brand experiences that move people and impact businesses.

The conversation is moderated by

Vibe Bangsgaard's Profile Picture

Vibe Bangsgaard

Brand strategist

+45 53 73 00 94

Strategists and designers, dedicated to helping organisations grow


Driven by perceptive thinking and bold ideas, we help organisations, from upcoming stars to global leaders, stay true, be distinctive and grow with confidence.

We weave strategic thinking into the creative process to create brands and digital experiences that are both tangible and emotional – real and distinct, and with the power to enthuse and move. From challenges to solutions, from great ideas to great experiences, we bring brands to life and transform businesses. For us, discipline and intuition go hand in hand. This means that we approach every project with equal amount of brains, hearts and guts.

Your rebranding partner
We give our clients a solid foundation for delivering experiences that strengthen their brand and position their business for long-term growth. In the process, we uncover opportunities and define truths, beliefs and purpose. We find the best way to tell audiences about it, changing conversations in the process. And we shape visual universes that present brands as the best version of themselves.

Morten Brudholm
Strategic director
+45 21 73 48 08

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