We shape agendas, build positions and create experiences that set brands apart and help drive meaningful change.

We build brand equity.

Our approach

In today’s world, responsibility is the currency of brand equity. At Make, we empower brands to leverage this currency for positive impact and needed change.

We shape agendas, build positions and create experiences that help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. We believe it takes collaboration to actively shape a better world, rather than just waiting for it to happen. With creativity as our driving force, we promise to challenge status quo and explore new paths.



Shape agendas

To stay relevant, businesses must demonstrate value creation beyond financial metrics. We help shape the conversations that make your brand matter. Through close collaboration, we help translate opportunities into actions and drive meaningful impact on your most important agendas.


Build positions

A brand is both a promise and a catalyst for change. With creativity at our core, we help you translate your strategy and position your brand in a way that resonates with your target audiences and addresses their needs and opportunities. Building a strong and responsible position will help you drive progress and achieve your targets for business, people and planet.


Create experiences

Every collaboration is an opportunity to make a difference. Let us help you bring agendas, positions, and strategies to life across all your touchpoints from digital to physical by creating interactions that captivate audiences, evoke emotions and inspire actions.


Promoting activities that create safety


Rebranding a global market leader in emergency response and healthcare services

Donkey Republic

The best way to get around


A new digitalised content platform for Aller Media


Rebranding one of the UK's largest builders' merchants


Successfully navigate ESG

Our work


Our services

When you partner with us, our goal is always to establish a long-term relationship with a focus on guiding you to choose what’s right over what’s easy.

With our extensive experience, we specialise in helping our clients clarify their brand ensuring it’s purposeful, responsible, and actionable while appealing and inspiring to the right audience.

You can collaborate with us on our services independently to achieve your specific goals. However, when they seamlessly integrate, you activate synergy, safeguard brand consistency, and ensure impact across touchpoints – building brand equity.

We build
brand equity


ESG positioning

& design





We build positions
We build distinct brands for a changing business landscape. We translate your strategy by blending business and creative thinking to position your brand and create the foundation for building brand equity.

ESG positioning

We help you build trust
ESG is the driver for business value creation. By translating targets and data points into storytelling, actionable insights, and competitive strength, we help you build credible positions.

Creativity & design

We create experiences
We see creativity as a catalyst for change. Through our diverse and international team, we push the boundaries of storytelling and design, influencing how people emotionally connect with brands.


We help you navigate the digital landscape
We help you establish and maintain a strong digital presence through engaging experiences, captivating content and dynamic interactions. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, generate leads or drive conversions, we help you maximize impact.

Responsible marketing

We help you start conversations
We help you drive marketing activities with integrity, authenticity, and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment, starting conversations that challenge thinking and change behaviors.

Corporate communication

We mobilise your stakeholders
We activate your brand by fostering a shared purpose among employees and mobilising the organisation to actively contribute to the company's purpose and development.

Select clients

Aasted, ALLER Media, Aquaporin, Ascendis Pharma, By & Havn, BYG Erfa, Cirqle, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Deloitte, Demant, DLF, Dovista, DPA, Drømmeland, Erhvervsstyrelsen, Exclusive Travel Collection, Falck, Feriepartner, Fiberpartner, FLSmidth, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotech, GEA Group, Genmab, Georg Jensen, Haldor Topsøe, Illums Bolighus, Immeo, J Lauritzen, Koda, LM Wind Power, Lundbeckfonden, Lån & Spar, MT Højgaard, Novozymes, PensionDanmark, Poul Schmith - Kammeradvokaten, Solar, STARK Group, Stellini, Teknologisk Institut, TrygFonden, Velliv Foreningen, VELUX, VELUX Fonden, Ørsted

About us

We are 30 strategic and creative minds who bring equal parts of brainpower, heart, and guts to every collaboration. Alongside enjoying great coffee and each other's company, our purpose for coming to work is to help companies and organisations build strong and responsible brands.

Why? Because we are optimistic for the world around us and enjoy the challenge of helping our clients finding opportunities for positive impact.

ESG Barometer

Stay updated on the latest ESG and CSRD reporting trends and progress in the OMX Copenhagen 25 Index.

The purpose of the Barometer is to qualify companies’ strategic discussions regarding the environment, social aspects and how companies govern their business. We do this by showcasing how ESG and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive are transforming sustainability within the C25.

Join us

We understand that change doesn't happen on its own. It’s something we create together. With us, you'll experience the thrill of pushing boundaries, the satisfaction of making a real impact, and the joy of collaborating with a team as committed to change as you are. If you believe you have what it takes and would like to join a team of like-minded people, drop us a line at: job@make.dk

Please remember to include all relevant credentials and/or your portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Success in a changing world requires an insight driven creative approach to your business. We are in for the long run, but it all starts with a conversation.

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